At ECIS GROUP we make sure that all our customer’s requirement are fulfilled, aiming at complete customer satisfaction and at reaching our own goals. We consider our customer as our strength and our employees are our assets, thus obtaining increasing performance levels and a renowned name. Our Target is to become the market leader by providing tailored Turn-Key Solutions o he Oil & Gas(Upstream and Downstream), Petrochemical and Power Generation Industries and to enhance the performance, productivity and efficiency of our customers.

  • Early Production Facility (Manifold, Well Test production, HP & LP Test Separator, Slug Catcher, Oil Stabilizer)

  • Nitrogen Production Packages : Membrane & PSA

  • Instrument and Service Air Packages

  • TEG-MEG Regeneration Packages

  • Molecular Sieves, Bed Absorption Process, Low Temperature Separation

  • Gas Dehydration / Dew Pointing System Packages, Based on Glycol (TEG) Absorption/ Refrigeration Process

  • Trucks and Rail Tankers Arm Loading System

  • Diesel Power Generation Packages

  • Water Treatment Packages (Primary & Secondary Water/Biological )

  • Fire Fighting Packages