Since its foundation in the early nineties our Construction Business Unit has combined the knowledge and experiences of its engineers in order to meet the market demand in the Oil&Gas, Upstream and Downstream Petrochemical and Power Generation fields.

Our Construction Business Unit, thanks to its dynamic and flexible structure, has been able to spread out its skills in the main direction of the industrial process, thus developing its four main departments: ANALYSIS, WELLHEAD CONTROL PANELS, SKIDS & PACKAGES, AUTOMATION & SAFETY CONTROL SYSTEMS


  • Sampling & conditioning systems
  • Analyzer Shelters
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS)
  • Water & Systems sampling and analyzer systems
  • Gas analysis


Wellhead control panels

Hydraulic power unitsPortable panels

  • Solar powered hydraulic control systems
  • Pneumatic control panels


  • Launching and receiving traps
  • ESD skids
  • Filtering skids
  • Gas metering skids
  • Gas heater skids
  • Gas reducing stations
  • Instrument & Services air packages
  • Instrument gas skids
  • Water treatment skids
  • Chemical injection skids
  • N2 production skids: Membrane & PSA
  • Meter provers
  • Loading systems trucks & trains
  • Early production facilities (Manifold Well Test Production 1° and 2° test separators, Oil stabilizer Slug catchers)
  • Slope Oil Systems



  • Project Management; System design and construction;
  • Software development, Hardware specification, selection and installation.


  • Control Systems based on DCS and PLC, Monitoring and supervisory systems, Conventional control systems;
  • Highly integrated safety control systems (TÜV, NFPA, up to SIL4 certified);
  • Monitoring and control systems (F&G stand alone and / or integrated with ESD).


  • Microprocessor based electronic system design;
  • Engineering consultancy for automation technology;
  • Feasibility studies; Reliability and availability studies;
  • Commissioning and start up, Technical support services, Training.

We have established excellent business relationships with a number of major reputed and leading International Customers, ranging from end-users to world-class engineering companies.

Our facilities close to Milan, in the heart of the Italian Industrial area, are completely set up with the latest sophisticated equipment for design, fabrication and in house testing.

The Construction Business Unit employs more than 60 technicians and it includes engineering, management, workshop construction, service and highly qualified technical professionals in various fields

Consequently we can offer consultancy services covering all the different development stages of a project, from the design stage, throughout manufacturing and assembling, up to the after sales service, towards new technologies and application fields, and finally with support for maintenance service.


We are committed to our Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality Systems, which are certified and accredited to international standards, and applied effectively at all levels of our organization, thus ensuring a top quality execution of jobs.

In our Construction Business Unit  we take the same care to fulfil all our Customers’ requirements, aiming at their complete satisfaction and at reaching our own goal.

We consider our Customers as our strength and our employees as our assets, thus obtaining an increasingly higher performance level and a well-known reputation.

Our target is to become the market leader by providing tailored Turn-Key solutions to the Oil & Gas, Upstream and Downstream Petrochemical and Power Generation Industries and to enhance the performance, productivity and efficiency of our Customers.