In ECISGROUP we believe in our continuous improvement of performances and in customer satisfaction.

Our vision is to become the market leader by providing engineered turn-key systems to the Oil&Gas market, performance, productivity and efficiency.

Our facilities in Milan, the heart of the Italian industry, are equipped with “state – of the art” equipment for complete design, fabrication and in-house testing.


ECIS Group: Oil and Gas Industries Italy, Europe
ECIS Group: Petroleum and Chemical Industries- Process Skids, Chemical Skids Italy, Europe
ECIS Group: Refiniries- Process Skids, Chemical Skids Italy, Europe
ECIS Group: LNG FPSO- Process Skids, Chemical Skids Italy, Europe
ECIS Group: Power Generation- Process Skids, Chemical Skids Italy, Europe
ECIS Group: Fertilizer Industries- Process Skids, Chemical Skids Italy, Europe



Since 1980 CHEMIT has developed customized solutions and specialized services like, Concurrent Engineering, Procurement Engineering, Picking & Packing and Logistics & Customer Care. CHEMIT Business Unit supplies High Quality products such as: Instrument Mechanical Bulk Materials, Electrical Bulk Materials for hazardous areas, Instrument Valves for severe service, Piping Valves & Flanges Saving Solutions.Click edit button to change this text.


Since 1990 ECIS has provided tailor-made engineered solutions from early production up to installation, commissioning and start-up, after sales service and maintenance.
Our excellence is supplying turn-key solutions such as: Analyzer Shelters, Environmental Monitoring Systems (CEMS); Sampling systems; Pneumo – Electro-Hydraulic Wellhead Control Panels; Fuel Gas Systems: Intel ESD – Initial Filters – Metering – Reduction – Final Filters – Outlet ESD, Gas Fired Reboiler. Chemicals Injection Skids: DI-Ethylene Glycol (DEG), TRI-Ethylene Glycol (TEG) Skid, N Production Skids: Membrane & PSA, Early Production, I° and II° Test Separator, Oil Stabilizer, Slug Catcher.


Since 1999 E & C has provided consulting services for Instrumentation, Automation, Electrical and Telecommunication engineering.
Recently E&C has added the Process and Piping engineering thus becoming a Multidisciplinary Engineering Business Unit; E&C supplies Hardware and software for supervisory systems (SCADA), DCS and PLC Systems, Emergency Shut Down (ESD) Systems Burner Management Systems (BMS), Fire and Gas (F&G), Safety PLC (TÜV certified systems)

Year 2007

In 2007, after several years of cooperation between, CHEMIT, ECIS and E&C and a commonly shared business experience at international level, the Management decided to accept a new challenge for the developing market – incorporate all three companies in a new holding structure, under the name ECISGROUP.
The group combines the human resources and professional skills of all three ISO UNI EN 9001:2000 certified Business Units. Our supply covers a wide range of products and services for the Oil&Gas (Onshore and Offshore), Petrochemical and Energy Markets ensuring maximum Customer satisfaction
and high technological standards.

Year 2008

In 2008, another goal was achieved: Ecisgroup has changed its legal status into Ecisgroup S.r.l. – a private Company Limited by Shares. As our group is a dynamic one, a new target has been set: internationalization, focusing on the GCC countries, Mediterranean area and Eurasia. Our group continuous development has led us into being the Global Partner of Engineering Procurement Construction for the Oil&Gas, Petrochemical and Energy plants.

Year 2015

The year 2016, ECIS Group was acquired by Oswal Infra, with a new vision of spreading its outreach globally. We strive to achieve our goals under the new management. This step will strengthen our technologies, technical expertise and financial support.
Our new organization and corporate structure will help work towards building a business atmosphere conducive for quality output and growth maintaining the hallmark of erstwhile ECIS Group.


ECISGROUP S.r.l. is committed to provide value, quality and satisfaction to its Customers, care for its employees and thrive its business being socially responsible, environmentally conscious and maintaining high standards of health and safety.

All ECISGROUP S.r.l. personnel plays a fundamental role devoted to the Company success. For this reason ECISGROUP S.r.l. motivates, gives a sense of responsibility and makes its Employees and Consultants aware about the application and compliance with the following listed principles:

  • Providing Customers with maximum collaboration and continuous support
  • Improving in a continuous and dedicated Commitment the Company processes and performances with the support of the Quality, Health & Safety, Environmental System
  • Acting always in such a way as to meet all the Environmental and Health & Safety conditions, through the use of the best economical and technical practices, for the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases
  • Sharing our Vision with the Company staff and the organizations that collaborate with ECISGROUP S.r.l., reviewing it periodically to assess its up-to-date appropriateness.

Therefore ECISGROUP S.r.l. has identified the following priorities:

  • Ensuring the compliance with the legal requirements, local regulations, internal and external standards, applicable to the Company activities and to the relationships with stakeholders
  • Identifying the Company processes that can have a significant impact on Environmental issues and on Health & Safety risks for employees and visitors
  • Ensuring the proper Management of the Environmental Aspects to prevent their relevant impacts, reducing, where possible, the waste production and the consumption of not renewable natural resources, especially for the consumption of water and electric energy
  • Evaluating and managing the Health & Safety risks, with a gradual and continuous reduction

For the above reasons ECISGROUP S.r.l. decided to develop an integrated Quality, Health & Safety, Environmental (QHSE) Management System, in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001, BS:OHSAS 18001, UNI EN ISO 14001 International Standards.

The main characteristics of the QHSE System are:

  • The commitment and accountability at all levels of the Company organization, aimed at reaching the identified objectives.
  • The regulation of the activities that determine the conformity of the product to the requirements, an Environmental impact and Health & Safety risks, through the adoption of documented procedures and operative instructions.
  • The periodical verification of the QHSE System efficiency, through the carrying out of Internal Audits targeted at identifying any deficiencies and improvement areas.
  • The internal continuous training on topics related to Quality, Health & Safety, Environmental, addressed to all Company levels and consultants.
  • The activation of internal and external communication channels for thecontinuous involvement in the QHSE System topics.
  • Maintaining  a relationship based on transparency, dialogue and availability with all the parties, social partners, government bodies, local communities, and any other stakeholders.

These commitments and objectives are measured through tools which are periodically analyzed and discussed during the Management Review.

The Management is committed to implement and enforce this plan and assigns to the QHSE Department the task of coordinating the System and supervising any problems, with the necessary freedom and authority to identify anomalies, propose solutions and undertake the necessary actions to reach the Continuous Improvement Targets and Customer Satisfaction.